WELCOME to! This site is dedicated to the descendants of Andrew Newton Agee and his wife Chloe Ann Lawson Agee. Both Andrew and Chloe were born in in Pomeroyton, Kentucky. He was born on 10 Sept 1888, and Chloe was born on 12 Dec 1890. They were married on 11 Apr 1909. Together they had 10 children. Caretta, Virgil, Avrill, Orville, Thelma, Velma, Ralph, Robert, Delores Jean, and Charles.

Our family reunion was held on September 16, 2007 at Fort St Clair Park in Eaton, Ohio It was a huge success. Family members came in as far as California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Canada.Reminising with aunts, uncles and cousins about the good ole days was the highlight of the day. Swapping stories and sharing secret family receipes made the day just about perfect for this cool September day. The Agee women are great cooks, the food was awesome. The reunion was was a great opportunity to reconnect with extended family. View reunion pictures


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